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Shanghai Sailing-on Electric Cor. LTD
  Shanghai Sailing-on Electric Cor. LTD was founded in 2002, which is specializing with terminal block manufacturing. Our terminals brand “CHIKU” with reliable performance and competitive price, for the system integrators, machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide a "comprehensive ...

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  order No: SPUK01010036
  type: RUKK 5-PV
  Order data: thickness, 6.2mm ,32A/4mm
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  order no: PDST01050023
  type: RST 2.5-PE
  order data: thickness,5mm ,-/2.5mm
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  order no: PDBC01090013
  type: RBC 300A
  order data: thickness,36mm ,300A
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ST series terminals blocks to obtain CE certificate issued...

RDT series line terminal box will officially listed in mid-april.

Warm congratulations to south China office set up, south China ...
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